Hello lover.

My name is Sophia, but you can call me Soso.
I am nothing but a so-called “artist” with narcissistic tendencies.
I have written, produced and recorded this album in my bedroom.
It’s the story of my life.
I am not poetic.
This project is an anti-social experiment pushing the boundaries of the music industry.
I have even gone so far that I have left my major record label
and started up my own.
I call it:
Do It Yourself Bitch Productions.
Simply to see how far you can take it without external help or muscle from producers,
A&Rs or record resellers.
As a rule, I make all of my videos and press shots together with my boyfriend within my apartment.
I guess we’ve shot something in every room.
It’s all a very domestic process.
I have no interest in trying to sell my music,
so I am giving my album away for free.
From me to you.
No middle man.
People ask me why, as an artist, would you collaborate
with The Pirate Bay
when the music industry has suffered so much as a result of illegal file sharing?
I guess I just believe that you can’t fight evolution.
It’s already happening.
I feel that we aren’t being robbed of anything if we gain listeners.
The CD is an old format.
I mean I still mourn the loss of the cassette,
But I don’t expect people to still try to sell it?
The old way of distributing music is dated.
Let’s just face it and instead of dwelling on the loss,
focus on the new power we as artists have,
to target and reach our audiences directly.
Honestly I don’t care about the “music industry”.
I care about music.
Music is communication.
Let’s try and get back to the main reason musicians really make music.
To be heard, no?
It’s my personal reason anyway.
So I am quite bluntly pirating The Pirate Bay.
Choosing for myself.
I guess you could say,
that i’m the pirate.

All my love,